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We specialize in the renovation and refinishing of wooden floors. In this framework we are engaged in the renovation, restoration and installation of wooden floors as well as old or damaged stairs, along with polishing and finishing of unprocessed wood floors.

Focusing on one area allows us to study, deepen, specialize and reach the highest levels of accuracy in our work. A Atlanta flooring uses oils base, water base, varnishes and floor shades of different colors - perfect finishing and brand name products.

If your hardwood floor is slippery... If it eroded... If black spots appear under the wheels of your chair in the office... If you have any sort of issue with your hardwood floors, A Atlanta Flooring experts will be able to tailor the perfect solution for you.

 Refinishing of hardwood floors:

Renovation of the floor in private residences, to receive a new floor on the day of purchase without the need for renewed and expensive installation, as well as no dust.

Services for companies and businesses:

Professional and flexible service for companies and businesses under special conditions. Especially suitable for shops, offices, cafes and hotels where trading areas are active most of the day and can be renewed and polished at night.

Maintenance of wooden floors and parquet floors:

Regular maintenance of the existing floor to protect against scratches and prolong life

Our experts will be happy to assist you at any time.

Why buy new when you can renew?

We believe that it is better to renew existing wooden floor than to replace it with a new one.

The cost of renovating existing floor is usually lower than installing a new floor. In most cases, the cost of refinishing and renewal process is only around 20% of replacement.

The renewal process is less complex than the re-assembly process and the cost of dismantling the old floor before installing the new increases the cost of the service.

The renovation process is cleaner and performed with a dustless machine as opposed to dismantling, installing and sawing the wood in your home during the installation of a new floor.

And the result?

A uniform and perfect look for the entire floor, with no differences in height between any of the hardwood boards.

A variegated or natural floor, with an oil or varnish finish, with varying degrees of shine. The refinishing allows you to reach a new and uniform floor that is adapted to your personal taste. Floor good as new without scratches or wear marks.

Hardwood flooring is the floor of the decade; not just stone, marble and ceramics in businesses and private homes. In recent years, it has become more common to find quality hardwood floors instead of the familiar flooring. The installation of a high quality hardwood floor is very sought after by business owners, shops, residential buildings, luxury buildings and more. The hardwood floor upgrades every business, home and store; creating a luxurious, pleasant and most important look at affordable prices.

Hardwood flooring installation should be carried out by a professional flooring designer, but there are also types of hardwood floors that can be installed independently with proper guidance. However, remember that the type of hardwood flooring installation varies according to the type of material.

Common Types of Installation

Hardwood flooring installation by gluing:

Is done when hardwood floors are made of wood or hardwood flooring. Pasting wood as it is, it is a paste of wood panels on an existing floor, whether it is a floor made of tiles, concrete or any other type of tile. Hardwood flooring adhesion creates an acoustic wood floor that neutralizes noise while walking on the floor and saves us costs, time and dirt associated with removing an existing floor.

In addition, in the event of any defect or damage to the parquet floor, the damage can be corrected locally and accurately.


Installing laminate flooring:

Installing laminate using a floating installation method can be done when using synthetic decks or a large parquet that you write. The installation of floating laminate flooring is actually the discount of laminate panels on a surface made of sponge and then connecting laminate panels to each other.

Floating flooring is quick, easy and cost effective, but at the same time laminate floors installed with a floating installation method results in a non-acoustic floor.


Installing hardwood floors with nails:

Installing parquet by using nails. Suitable for the types of flooring or made of solid wood. In the nailing method, a nailing of the wood panels is carried out. The nailing takes place at the bottom of the wood floors and is not visible. Hardwood floors are often used by nailing while paving outdoor wood floors, interior platforms and various places that have access to their bottom.

The installation of hardwood flooring using nails is intended only for lumpy wood floors or for specific floor layouts. The nailing of the hardwood floors to the wooden surface is an invisible mismatch that is not visible to those walking on the wood floors.

If you are interested in installing a parquet floor for your business, home office or gym, you may want to contact A Atlanta flooring. We promise to give you in-depth consultation, guidance in choosing the type of flooring and installation method that suits you best

In recent years, we can see more and more hardwood floors in residential homes, offices, commercial centers and where not.

There are various types of parquet flooring in the market today, there are synthetic hardwoods, there is solid wood flooring, there are multi-layer wood floors, and more.

The installation of hardwood floors is not uniform and is different from type to type; the installation of synthetic flooring will be different from the installation of flooring made of natural wood.

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